Research Group -- Software Reliability and Security (SRest) Lab

My research group is hiring!
PhD Students:
Multiple fully funded RA positions are available starting Fall 2024 or Spring 2025. Candidates are expected to be highly self-motivated, strong at application/system programming, and fluent in English (written and oral) communication. Background/experience on software engineering and/or software/systems security in general is preferable but not mandatory. If you are interested, please email me with your CV (including your research/project experience, publications if any, technical/programming skills, test scores, and contact info for referees) and a statement of motivation/goals for research.
Undergraduate students:
Three funded REU student openings are available during Fall 2024 through Spring 2025. If you are interested in our research, please send me an email with your resume.

Current Students
  • Yu Nong (Ph.D. student, Fall 2020-)
  • Haoran Yang (Ph.D. student, Fall 2021-)
  • Jiawei Guo (Ph.D. student, Fall 2023-)
  • Asif Zaman (M.S. student, Fall 2022-)

  • Group Alumni
  • Wen Li (Ph.D. student, Fall 2019-Fall 2023; first job: tenure-track assistant professor in CS@Utah State)
  • Xiaoqin Fu (Ph.D. student, Fall 2017-Spring 2022; now a research engineer@JDC)
  • Pallavi Arivukkarasu (M.S. student, Spring 2021-Spring 2023; now SDE@Truveta)
  • Jinyang Ruan (M.S. student, Fall 2021-Spring 2022; now developer@FNZ Group)
  • Rainy Sharma (M.S. student, Fall 2020-Spring 2021; now SQE@Matilda Cloud Solutions)
  • Weile Lian (M.S. student, Fall 2020-Spring 2021; now SDE@Ruiyun Network Technology)
  • John Jenkins (M.S. student, Spring 2017-Fall 2017; now SDE@SEL)
  • Yu Nong (M.S. student, Spring 2019-Spring 2020; now PhD student@WSU)
  • Ziyi Zhang (M.S. student, Fall 2017-Spring 2019; now PhD student@WSU)
  • Haridhar Pulivarthy (REU student from WSU, Summer 2023)
  • Pradyumna Kotla (REU student from University of Maryland, Summer 2023)
  • Guangbei Yi (REU student from WSU, Summer--Fall 2022)
  • Bella (Yihui) Fang (REU student from WSU, Summer 2022; now MS student@NEU)
  • Richard Fang (high school student researcher, Summer 2022, Summer 2023; now CS major@UIUC)
  • Boxiang Lin (REU student from WSU, Spring 2022)
  • Megan Jung (undergraduate researcher from Cornell University, Fall 2020)
  • Alissa Cielecki (REU student from Arcadia University, Summer 2020; now Tech Specialist@Wharton)
  • Sophya Wu (high school student researcher from Pullman High School, now CS major@Columbia University)
  • Austin Marino (REU student from WSU, Summer 2019; now SDE@GM)
  • Malinda Dilhara (Undergrad researcher from University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka, 2017; now PhD student@CU Boulder)
  • Brandon Campbell (Undergraduate researcher from WSU, Fall 2018; now SDE@CapitalOne)
  • Linh Nguyen (Undergraduate researcher from WSU, Summer 2017)