TracerJD Usage

How to use TracerJD

Before using running TracerJD analyses

In order for tracer to instrument the bytecode of the target subject, adding certain statements in the subject source code is needed. In this regard however, tracer requires the addition of statements into the main/entry class of the subject program only.

Precisely, the following statements should be added to the entry class, which is essentially an extra static method that allows the static analysis (Soot phase, more precisely) to include the TracerJD runtime monitors in its bytecode analysis.

public class TheEntryClass {
	// added for tracer Instrumentation
	static void __link() {

Then, follow the steps below:

(1) Compile the subject with the above extra code added.

(2) Instrument logging probes for runtime tracing

(3) Run the instrumented code to generate dependence traces.

(4) Dynamic dependence querying interface and client analyses

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